Image, News, Sports, Bumps, Tags, Teases, and Breaking News, Movie Theater Advertising, "Movie Trailer" style, viewed in theaters from Hawaii to the Midwest. Warm, rich, open, confident voice. Voice Overs for Singapore children's TV network, Narrations for corporations, Recorded Voice Services for conferences and live shows.


Television and Broadcast

  • Voice Overs for Television since 1987
  • On-Air as Television News Reporter
  • Live Daily Radio show to 102 stations
  • Producer - Documentaries and Live Shows

Some Station Clients

  • KRON San Francisco
  • KXAS Dallas
  • WTVJ Miami
  • WOIO Cleveland
  • KDKA Pittsburgh
  • and many more...
  • WXYZ Detroit
  • KPRC Houston
  • KYW Philadelphia
  • WFLA Tampa
  • KCNC Denver

Corporate Clients

  • American Express
  • Motorola
  • Boeing Aerospace
  • Go Daddy

Voice Acting for Computer Games and Software

I Want To Work For You

Count on 50+ years Experience.

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